08 Feb '02

Posted by Jerry Fri, Feb 08 '02

Realized that one of my cuter colleagues actually has a boyfriend. Argh. That¡¯s one less choice I get. Ah well. (Am feeling slightly disapointed though¡­) Never mind.

Had one of those ¡±Hey-why-not-try¡± crazy ideas today and walked all the way from City Square to Kerry¡¯s, probably a feat never done by any sane Malaysian before. Heck, why don¡¯t they realise it¡¯s hardly even a 5 kilometre distance? Anyway sometimes when I feel really bored, a little bit depressed and a little bit self-destructive (heh heh) when I¡¯m hanging out, I always do these kind of crazy stuff. I remember last time I¡¯ve even walked all the way from Foon Yew High to City Square!! Well, ok¡­ though that time I walked with a close friend and we did chat, joked and laughed merrily all the way, so my emotions are nowhere so disastrous as I said just now when I did that hike.

Latest news say Telekom might raise phone call tariffs! Now that¡¯s going to cause some major buzz among consumers, for many of them are already protesting against the 3 cent per unit (12 sen per minute) charges. Let¡¯s see what¡¯ll happen next¡­

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