09 Mar '02

Posted by Jerry Sat, Mar 09 '02

Heck 's been a damned looooong time since i’ve been doing my blogging! Been busy recently.

Anyway YES! I’m now going to the HELP Institute next month, and my whole years tuition fees (a hefty $8000, no kidding!) is being paid by my scholarship! Now how’s that for FREE Education? Hah! For the 3rd year in Bachelor Studies I’ll try and make it into The University of Queensland, which is thought to be the 21st best university in the whole world! Wow! But problem is, can i do it? It’s just a matter of needing to bend my will to doing that… “10 years of Hell, 40 years of pleasure“, that’s what the institute’s Head of IT told me. Well he’d better be right… cos I’m really looking forward to it!

Meanwhile… I think I’d better prepare myself for college life. Hmm…

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