21 May '02

Posted by Jerry Tue, May 21 '02

Oooohhh wow! Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of The Clones really rocks! It’s got the best mouth-watering eyes-bulging visual candy I’ve ever seen and oh mah gawd the light saber fights are really cool! And not to mention our dear Senator Amidala, who’s more prettier and babelicious than ever! One minor flaw though… like Lord of The Rings the movie attemps to cram too much a plot into too little time, so it may get a little confusing at times. Wow… am now rubbing hands together in glee and anticipation while attempting to get grubby paws on a copy of the latest Jedi Knight PC game. Meanwhile, argh… Mid-term exams coming in two weeks. Better buckle up, brace myself and start to sharpen my trusty swords and knives. Hopefully will get to capture a coupla A’s… Hmm… may the force be with me!

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