21 Jun '02

Posted by Jerry Fri, Jun 21 '02

Phew! Week-long boring exams of five mind-numbing subjects are finally over, with a new record of finishing Programming in 20 minutes grin. Finally I can go back to my simple idlic life of hanging out in my bedroom kicking some serious Terrorist butt (”Eat lead, dude! Bwahahahaha!!“) with my trusty mouse and visiting the ol’ silver screens. Would really want to check out that Scooby Doo movie, though I’ve heard some considerably low ratings bout it. Anyway am also looking forward to MIB2 too (Hey whaddaya know, it rhyms :)

sniff cough Anyway am currently very sick right now, dripping watery snot and blasting deafening coughs sending drops of saliva all over the place attempting to infect any living mortal within my vicinity. Will overdose on suspicious cough syrups with possible toxic properties, vitamins and Panadol.

Oh yeah… i wish to congratulate one of my best chums (a very chummy chum too) K.C who finally got his SupremeCharts website (look under Links) featured on Hitz.fm! However… him being a considerably stubborn person, wouldn’t want to take in any more advice for improving the interface, which I think, is really a strain to the eye. I dunno bout what his pals think bout the desigs, but its really really very against most website designing do’s and don’ts. And it could do with more designs. Oh well.

Meanwhile am going off to murder a burger or two. Ciao.

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