31 Aug '02

Posted by Jerry Sat, Aug 31 '02

Whoa just seeing my good ol’ blog 'ere makes me feel like breaking out, “I’mmm baaaaaaaaack!” while scaring the shat out of my two fellow roommates. Promised K.C i’d be putting Buggered back to action and up 'n running about… uh, 2 weeks ago, but still, forgetful i am, considerably minor stuff like this just for some kinda reason just seem to escape moi's delicate memory. Should consider taking gingko to give the thinking box some revving up.

Whoa No. #2, Gavin just got his hair coloured gold! Hell… as if his punk hairstyle wasn’t enough to be the center of attraction. Geez. Meanwhile last night i just took out my webcam and used it to shoot a few incredibly-silly music videos to the tune of Alien Ant Farm’sSmooth Criminal“. Crappy stuff… yeah, but funny as hell. Hehe. :)

Whoa No. #3, just happened to stumble upon r.a.n.d.o.m., a really nice blog of a Singapore girl studying at Australia, when i was searching through Google looking for some cute sounding ICQ sound schemes. Cute design and lotsa reaallly looong and nice to read journal posts. Two thumbs up!

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