14 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Sat, Sep 14 '02

Mmm…yup, just chose a skin called “!Scooter“ from BlogSkins after much pondering and racking of brains trying to decide the better one among the whole 230-odd bloody lot… and am working on it right now… Meanwhile I’m also dunking the clunky ServeUStats web traffic thingy and trading it for NedStat, which I previously couldn’t access from behind my home LAN firewall. Anyway, get ready to treat yourself for a deliciously blogelicious new look for my blog!! Yay!!

Eh… finally the Microsoft .Net Passport e-mail address verification mail has arrived in my Outlook Express mailbox… after two days of registration. (Microsoft is soooo… unefficient... ) Well at least I can finally get rid of that stupid “Not Verified” tag behind my nickname. Anyway, how come almost all the people i know use Mirabilis’ ICQ and only the bloody DigiParadiser uses MSN Messenger?? Geez, if he wasn’t a really good pal of mine I wouldn’t even bother to go through all this just for a crappy little IM program :P

Hey, by the way it’s Friday the 13th yesterday?? I didn’t notice that! Anyway anybody out there experienced anything supernatural and wierd yesterday? Any zombies fresh from their slumber 6 feet under? Thirsty vampires? Chainsaw-wielding sadistic serial killers? Satanic signs that speak of the Apocalypse? (Hmm… Have I been watching too much B-grade movies??) Mail me to share your latest spooks with me. Meanwhile I’m going to post an article on the chinese Cari.com.my BBS about my room over here, which I seriously suspect is actually haunted... Wanna know more about this story? Might post the story here if there’s popular demand… :)

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