15 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Sun, Sep 15 '02

Emmm… am alone right now online, 2.30am in the morning… sigh~ Anyway here’s some nice gaming news bytes for all like-minded PC gamers out there:

Greece, which has recently introduced a new law banning all forms of electronic games and electrical gaming devices to crack down on illegal gambling, has finally dismissed two internet cafe owners, who were caught for illegally playing Counter-Strike in public, after much protesting by the Graecians outside the courthouse. Well… so at least someone managed to knock some sense into those crazy Greek government officers.

Meanwhile, a man was stuffed behind bars for playing Tetris in the UK… well, very unlike our two pals mentioned, apparently our guy here was so addicted to the game on a handphone that he refused to turn it off on a flight to Egypt. And since on handphones might cause electronic disturbances to the flight equipment and since our man here is so bloody stubborn… well, serve him right. :)

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