15 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Sun, Sep 15 '02

Eventually dumped the “!Scooter“ skin, which I think is a wee bit hard on the average visual senses… Okay I’m testing out a few new skins… so don’t freak out when my page turns a disgusting goo-ey green or freakin’ red or when your monitor suddenly gives up displaying because of the super-high contrast colurs. :)

Aahhh… Let’s settle on this delightfully blue skin, named “Blue Is For Boys“. (Hey that’s a stereotypical sexist remark isn’t it??) Meanwhile the colours might need a bit fine-tuning… And all the links previously on the sidebar will be mercilessly destroyed when I implement this skin. So goodbye my good ol’ Buggered look, and all my hours spent on the template… sniff

But whaddaheck, say hello to my new blog everybody!!

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