15 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Sun, Sep 15 '02

Well… Phew… after 2 and a half hours of tweaking, checking, retweaking, rechecking, re-retweaking, re-recheacking…(repeat process x 100)... I’ve finally got my blog all laid out nice and smoothed out all the buggy crinkles and folds. Whaddaya think, O Most Reverred Visitor? :) Somehow can’t get the archives out to the main page… Anybody got any idea? Anyway I still have a bit more stuff to throw in and some work cleaning up of this cluttered space and voila! I’ll be done!! Hehe~ Oh yeah btw I changed my blog’s title too… Just so to fit my blog’s theme and my recent moods. grin

Meanwhile I’d better get some sleep… the suns coming up soon. Maybe I’ll turn into stone when I see direct sunlight. :)

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