16 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Sep 16 '02

Damn…. bloody Blogger’s having problems with loading templates… argh…must be the overloaded servers. Somehow The Internet, as a whole, (or more like, from my persepective, whatever) seems to be acting wierd today. ICQ goes whacko, Kazaa downloads are like literally speaking crawling all over the place… Heck. Must be some post Friday-The-13th “aftershocks“, like what happens in the case of earthquakes? grin

Anyway well… did a few minor additions to the blog’s sidebar, like the good ol’ radio, music and movie content I used to have in Buggered version 1.00 (Hehe… suddenly thought of adding version numbers to my blog, maybe am studying too much C++ programming language already?). Today version is thus officially Buggered ver. 2.00!! Yay… And meanwhile, wwoooow… I’m getting higher hits on the launch of Buggereed ver.2! Do I rock or what? Muahahahahaha~ megalomaniac laughter

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