16 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Sep 16 '02

Had the wackiest ICQ chat experience with some kinda wierdo which I believe got my UIN from this blog. Which in fact, was the very first time I’d ever have to dunk someone in my ICQ Ignore list… Anyway it was quite amusing, hehe… here’s some rough extracts from the chat:

Yo man!”
“Hi hi… er, exactly who are you anyway?”
“Hey, could we do it better?”

Huh? WTF does he mean? I’m getting very perplexed about his wierd openedness already…

“Er…ok, whazzup! Intro pls?”
“Are you alien?”
“Er… no, I’m an angel. :) Why ask?”
“Coz I’m an alien from [insert corny planet name here] here to investigate the murder of an alien by your people.”

Oh **ck I’m chatting with a bloody wierdo... Let’s just play along, shall we?

“I’m sorry mister… I cannot help you for I am an angel, and so I only take care of the stuff bout the Heavens where dead humans come to, so obviously I cannot indulge any info because your alien friend there is, for what I know of, not here. Sorry.”

...... (minutes later)

“Okay okay I give up… who the hell are you anyway? Can we just chat normally?”
“Haha, why the hell should I tell you? BEG ME!! arrogant

Now I really can’t stand this bloody bastard anymore… Grrrr….!!

“Hey nobody orders me I tell you!!! I’m asking you very kindly already!”
“Well I’m definitely much more superior compared to you, so now I order thee to BEG ME!!! Bwahaha more arrogant

Damnit…!! Heck so just deal him the coup de grace, the coup de destruction, and get him off my butt…

“Hey ya self-obsessed numbf*ck let me tell ya one thing, if ye think ye’r the more arrogant guy around here, ye’r bloody wrong I tell ya! 'Cause I’m the most arrogant dude in this block and this is my f*cking territory!! And apparently I’ve had enough with yer bloody lameness so lemme tell ya one thing… Yer’ now officially listed in my ICQ Ignore list when ya read this, so why don’t ya bloody f*ck off and bloody leave me alone! So, good bye, good night, and have a nice day ya dimwitted faggot.”

Phew… believe me when I pressed the “Send” button in ICQ I swear I really wanted to pop open a Coke and yell “Cheers!!” myself. Yet at the same time it was a bloody good thing he hasn’t flamed my e-mail account too. :)

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