16 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Sep 16 '02

Just happened to come across TheSpark’s Death Test, which is actually supposed to calculate when’s the day I’ll kick the bucket. Wierd huh? So anyway, being a bit curious, on the link I clicked and off I go… now let’s see what the questions speak of… Well, okay, I don’t smoke, nope, don’t drink either, so I’ll choose the “Never” options for all of 'em… er, never had sex before blush, not to mention group sex… uhh… no, i’m not in the porn industry, nor the heavy machinery industry… nope nope… never had any diseases like cancer or HIV before… well… I don’t bungee jump, don’t play with fire, don’t run hazardessly across streets, don’t play with knives, don’t have connections with the mafia either (unless you want to consider the game i’m playing?? Hehe… ).... Hmmm… okay so I drink coffee daily, I exercise only occasionally, and yeah I do often drive past the speed limit just for the heck of it… Yup, done! Now let’s see what’s my results…

WTF?! It actually says my death date is actually going to be on 1st of April next year, at the age of 18?! For God’s sake!! Choi!! Touch wood!! Bloody TheSpark.com!!!

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