21 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Sat, Sep 21 '02

Argh… I can’t believe I could be so bloody careless. smacks forehead When I was packing to leave this noon I intended to bring my good ol’ trusty Compaq notebook with me down to JB so I could indulge in some mp3-listening goodness and play my latest game: Emperor: Rise of Middle Kingdom today, but it wasn’t until I got on the bus, ho-hummed and daydreamed a bit while staring at the scenery along the highway until something blackish, long-ish, and very important-ish kicked me in the brains… I forgot to bring my notebook adapter!! Gaaah!! smack forehead again Sigh… so I guess I just have to cancel my current plans for the weekend.

Anyway just got home from some teh tarik sipping sessions at a locak mamak… And I think nothing beats the experience on the way home: Car stereo playing Linkin Park’s “In The End“ at full blast with us guys yelling like madmen to it’s tune… What a riot. :)

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