23 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Sep 23 '02

Sigh… Internet Life on a Sunday can be so bloody boring. Nobody’s posting much stuff on Cari.com.my, nothing much interesting that’s pretty much worth a second glance in my Outlook Express mailbox, nothing in my download list right now that is worth downloading, nobody worth chatting with on icq, no new posts on SSI Pai Kia Alliance (9 more days before it’ll be shut down when CommunityZero starts to charge us an outrageous fee of US$120 annually), DigiParadiser is busy studying for his trials so no incredulously silly debates about WarCraft III, SilvaKev is not online so no hot discussions over the latest music, the UK charts website is yet to be updated… Sigh. Only me and my computer, currently blaring Underworld’s Two Months Off. Well…

Note to self: Am getting bored with my notebook’s speakers. Am going to fork out some bucks to buy myself a set of Altec Lansing ATP3 speakers… Hehe rubs hands with glee

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