24 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Tue, Sep 24 '02

Sh*t, my harddisk is starting to run low on space already. Probably about 900 megabytes more before Windows XP will start to make a fuss out of it and nagging me to clean up the trash. Dang… if it wasn’t for Gavin who has been downloading all sorts of MTV’s off Kazaa into my laptop (One whole gig of these crap!!!)... Why can’t he just videotape it off Astro? Dang… Now I have to wait until I finish Mafia before I can install the full version of Emperor... i>groan

Aahh… finally got a copy of the October and November edition of the latest PC Gamer mag, just enough to satisfy my “thirst” for mindless gaming goodness… Hehehe, my precioouuusssss…. (Which reminds me, how come they name the mag that comes out by the end of September “November edition”, when November is still two calendar sheet flips away? Hmmm…. wierd men computer games magazines editors are…)

Oh yeah, btw I realised that recently this page starts to take a freakin’ long time to load, even on my DSL line… ack Sorreee! Will try and fix the bloody bug asap. Maybe it’s my Javascripts, maybe it’s my posts, maybe it’s my archives? I don’t know… Anyway I still don’t like this template, I still don’t like this layout, and I still don’t like the way the posts look all scruffy and disorganized… Damnit… Will need to start tweaking the html again… Which reminds me, Ee Yean is going to do a complete makeover for her blog too, and in fact I had an exclusive sneak preview of the brilliantly polished stuff that she’s managed to work out during the evening… Nice. :)

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