25 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Wed, Sep 25 '02

Had two donuts from Top’s for breakfast, damned expensive stuff I tell you. And it isn’t even better than those you can buy from Dunkin Donuts! Humph. Anyway am feeling groggy yawn because I miss my daily java, and without my daily overdose of caffeine I’d probably have to resort to using toothpicks to pry my eyelids apart to prevent them from closing every few seconds or so in class. In fact slept through my 2 hours each Software Programming and Accounting classes in the morning. Ah well, whaddahell, I knew most of the stuff the lecturers will be ranting on and on about anyway… C++ and crap about Job Cost Accounting in Managerial Accounting stuff. So, no loss. smirk Emmm… anyway rite now am considering brewing myself an instant cupa… mmm mmm…can smell the thick sweetish aroma already… :-)

Buggered!!! My Compaq CD Player won’t start anymore!! Damn, have to pay a visit to Low Yatt Plaza soon to get it fixed. Meanwhile, ah, Altec Lansing speakers (read its reviews here), yeah babbeee… come to dada… grin

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