28 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Sat, Sep 28 '02

Regular and loyal readers of my blog might notice that I’ve been constantly skipping my blogging every day or two recently. Well… Just been a bit too lazy to post on my blog on a daily basis, unlike Ee Yean. By the way she’s finshed with her blog… nice look! Although pure white isn’t exactly my cup of tea… uh, coffee. Anway click here to see the new Le Grandi Aspetattive, which means “Great Expectations” in, uh, Italian? Meanwhile, apparently after listening to advice from Aewis and me, recently she’s been starting to write longer and more, er, structured and readable blog entries now. On overall, well… it’s good to see some improvement. Not that I’m saying my style is good though, even my good pal Oliver used to complain he can’t understand the way I wrote my e-mails to him when the chap’s in London… LOL As in this little quote:

“Oi , how come you write yur messages so incoherrently ? Can’t understand bits and pieces of yur updates , even with my finely honed cerebrum …. “ – Oliver

Maybe this guy’s right after all! Hey… Got any linguistics experts round here? Perhaps you guys might want to flame me abit bout my so-called “incoherent” English and teach me of The True Path Of The Tao In Writing… grin Just don’t use too much swear words ok? Hehe~

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