29 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Sun, Sep 29 '02

I’m currently trying out the BlogRolling service, so the links area might be a bit jumbled up… Sorree. Meanwhile, check out this Choose Your Own Damn start Pok√©mon Adventure!! or generate your very own random Alanis Morisette Lyrics!! i>grin I chose to generate a song called “Why??” and damn… It was the lamest song I’ve ever heard on Earth… Hehe~

You know, actually sometimes (occasionally) I actually think that the way Ee Yean used to blog was, well, cool and really unique, because sometimes even I myself like to adopt that kind of casual style of blogging. smirk Well, ok, maybe not 100% lah, or else my friends would start complaining, haha~

Addition: Changes changes changes…. sigh Busy busy busy… Anyway tweaked the font size of the blog posts so it’ll look tidy a bit… Well, I guess. Does it? Apparently my Virgo subconsciousness is finally kicking into action to right my sloppy self. grin Well tell me if any place could do with some extra html fiddling, k?? I’d need it.

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