30 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Sep 30 '02

Damnit… my NedStat tracker is somehow invisible and it refuses to commit itself to its responsibilites as it was created to do… How come I can never have any peace with my Javascripts?? First it’s my BlogOut, then it’d be my Flooble chatbox, then my Javascript-generated archives index, and now my web traffic tracker? Hell… what does the Internet have against me?! I’m just an innocent blogger lah, for God’s sake… Aih~ am gonna just dunk the piece of crap for the time being…

Meanwhile, I just booted up Yahoo Pool, joined a game, twiddled a bit with the white ball and cue, gawked at the incredibly boring display of skills and crude tactics, and eventually stood up and just quit. Just can’t understand how a game like this can be addictive to people like Ee Yean. Ah well… anyway, Yahoo Mahjong anyone? i>grinz

Aiyah… on second thought I’d better not. Tomorrow got class at 10am. Gotta hit the pillows or I’d be shuffling along the college corridors looking like a zombie. Umm…Not that I don’t already look like one though… Haha~ i>smirk

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