30 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Sep 30 '02

Spent a coupla hours randomly surfing through the blogs on the BolehBlogs webring (am now a BolehBlog member! See sidebar...) to check out on all the other Malaysian blogs that exist out there on the vast internetscape… and damn ain’t I intimidated!! Among all those sites that I’ve managed to trespass to take a quick sneak peek, I’d say, except a handful of blogs whose webmasters I believe prefer to keep things cute, cimple and tidy, the rest are all… drop-jaw mind-boggling visual goodness!! Don’t believe me? Click here to randomly surf to a BolehBlog member site. Anyway it’s all Photoshop-jazzed-up layouts, delicious colur schemes, impressive originality and cool high-tech designs, tons of javascripts… damn… These blogs look heavenly compared to my own site, which pretty much sucks compared to theirs… Argh… my eyeballs are starting to get sore looking at all those pretty stuff… Can’t… can’t… resist… urge… must… redesign… own blog…

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