04 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Wed, Sep 04 '02

Buggered. 3am in the morning and i still can’t get any bloody sleep, so eventually got up to get some blogging done. Still… got class at 10am tomorrow morning. Perhaps I’m suffering from the same problems as tRIPpERzzZ? Maybe in addition to gingko I should also start intoxicating my bodily systems with doses of sleeping pills too.

Anyway, gaaaaahh! I’m broke! Just as I was prepared to fork out some moolah from my wallet to get moi grubby paws on a fresh copy of Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, I found out that my usually rich cash deposits have been reduced to a measly 6 dollars. Well, there’s the ATM anyway, duh, thought I, as I rummaged through the dark pockets of my wallet to dig out my Maybank ATM card, then… Horrors!!! Where in the name of Hell is my card! Breaking out in cold sweat I emptied out all the various contents that’ve been dwelling in the comfy crevices of my wallet, thus uncovering a Pizza Hut discount voucher (which I had been looking for all these days, dang...), dozens of shopping receipts and bills, and other crap. But, still, no ATM card. Gaaah! I lost it!! How the heck am I supposed to live on 6 bucks for the next coupla days before I eventually die of a grisly hungry death? Geez! Sigh… looks like I have to go down and dirty to the bank myself when I got time after lectures… Grrr…

Anyway tonight Alice called for the fourth time in two days. I succumbed. And chatted with her. What a nice night it was. :)
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