05 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Thu, Sep 05 '02

Bloody Buggered! The LAN was suddenly crashing down on me sometimes during the afternoon as I was trying to make new changes to the blog (Check out the 'donate-for-free buttons on the sidebar, and sign my guestbook will ya?), which got me jumping about and cursing madly at the server. Unfortunately there was nothing I could do since my expertise is not within network administration, and forced intrusions (more like “hack“, hehe) into the server to tweak the bloody settings won’t work either. Sigh… well, as I said, nothing I could do, so no internet throughout the evening and night… bugger’it. Well, at least I could finally allocate time to watch American Pie 2. And yup… just the perfect movie for us males currently overdosed with raging testosterones at this age. :)

Anyway even when we got the DSL line back on… surfing was practically like “crawling“ across the Internet… pages won’t load, ICQ won’t connect, and e-mail just refuse to be downloaded. Argh! Well anyway after much gritting of teeth, hair loss due to frantic pulling and colourful usage of language, we’ve finally discovered that TMnet actually is having some kinda connection problems with connections to US servers, and maintenance is still under way. Anyway read the story here, or check out the latest internet traffic reports here. Well, we’re crossing our fingers and hoping that all those construction out there will speed up a bit so we can get back to the ol’ speedy surfin’ way of life.

Cindy asked me why the heck is my blog full of negative reports. Well, that’s the exact representation of my life. Ain’t I patethic? sigh :)

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