08 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Sun, Sep 08 '02

Well well… it’s 4am in the morning. I think I’m starting to get a hang out of this abnormal daily routine already. Hehe. Getting sleep only when the sun will be rising in a few hours and waking up only at 2pm in the afternoon… Maybe the seemingly endless stress, boredom and the frustration of still being single is starting to settle down and putting some toll on my brain nerves already. Hmm… at least I won’t be the only wacko here, right Ee Yean (who recently changed her name from tRIPpPERzzZ, dunno why, although I still like to think of her as “Jack The Ripper)? grin

Anyway, spent most of my time today chatting online on icq with a few new-found buddies whose school holidays have just started (what lucky buggers they are) and cursing as my in-game character of Mafia takes another bullet in the chest, bites the dust, and as blackness settles in, have to restart playing the bloody level all over again. Bummer. Eventually forgot to fork out some extra time to get to work on the Triggered blog with Ee Yean… well, guess it’ll have to wait till tomorrow… Oh no, wait, it’s today already. :)

Have I been babbling incomprehensible nonsense too much on the icq today? Just can’t seem to concentrate as I’m punching the alphabets on my keyboard today… Mmm… will make mental note to look it up when I got time.

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