09 Sep '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Sep 09 '02

Whaddahell?! ICQ can’t connect to the bloody servers again?! Even if i’ve tried tweaking the bloody settings, as I always do, and as it’d always work, but didn’t this time?! Buggered!! No online chatting for the night, I guess… sigh…

Wooo… I believe i’m getting addicted to watching DVD-quality teen movies freshly downloaded off Kazaa Lite... there’s Coyote Ugly, yeah i know it’s pretty much 'last-year’ stuff… but I haven’t watched it before anyway, then Men In Black II, which I also haven’t watched, then there’s this super-hybrid teen flick parody called Shriek: I Know What You Did Last Friday The 13th… really funny crap. Hehehe… Anyway still on my download wishlist: A Knight’s Tale, Final Fantasy X, Scooby Doo, Enemy at The Gates, Snatch, and Corky Romano. Yeah yeah I know I know… I know I’m doing what the entertainment industry officially labels as “The Sin“, which they pour billions and billions of muck into it so people can’t do it their way and have to pay for it… But heck, free movies which quality even the average cinema experience can’t rival? Why the heck would I still even need to bother to fork out ten bucks when I can just search on Kazaa and leave it running for a night before I get into some real intense popcorn-munching sessions? Now how’s that about free entertainment? grin

Hey hey no fair… DigiParadiser’s IQ test score is one point higher than me?! Hey no fair… I’m supposed to be the genius here!

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