02 Jan '03

Posted by Jerry Thu, Jan 02 '03

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions 2003:

10. Be a more caring, more thoughtful, more wise, more friendly, more interesting, more witty and more cool (or cooler, Gah… whatever) guy than I was. 9. Be more sharp, more aggresive, more nerve-wrecking, more killer-instinctive, more strategising, more calculating, more demanding as ever. Maybe not as much in real life (Hell, I got a reputation to mantain, geez) , but more in games… So I can beat Half Life 2 when it comes out. Heh. 8. Be more organised. And maybe for starters, shoulda’ve started off with writing this bloody resolutions thingy in a lsit instead as a mass klump of dizzying words. And get rid of all those snaking cables (mouse, laptop, laptop cooling mount, network cable, modem cable, earphones cable, keyboard, Kensington lock, webcam… phew!) all entangling my feet under the desk. And the trash on the desk too. Wonder I show signs of obsessive hoarding… gotta ask up Gavin on this. =) 7. Have better memory for things. For example, remember to remind self to, for God’s sake, start to work on drkangel.net before some damned idiot come and steal my unregistered domain. 6. Hoard more money… $$$ yeah baby yeah… 6. Hoard more CD’s, namely computer game CDs. 5. Become next-gen gaming guru. 4. Become next-gen IT guru of Department of IT 2003 (not that I’m not one already… muahahahaha-a i>ahem But first, I have get things established first… Hmm…) 3. Watch all the greatest movies of 2003!! Return of The King is still bloody 11 months away… argh… 2. Collect 5 gig’s worth of mp3’! Err… considering that my laptop has got only some 2 gigs left, perhaps it’s time to upgrade… ah, right, 'tis where the Nomad Jukebox kicks in! Now to get my grubby paws on one… i>hint hint

And the numero uno New Year’s resolution of the year 2003, GET A GIRLFRIEND N GET LAID! GAAAH! Oh… Oo-Er… I’m sounding a bit too desperate here, am I? Sorry. i>sheepish grin

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