20 Jan '03

Posted by Jerry Mon, Jan 20 '03

And they said work’s fun…

Jeez. Ain’t it a loong time since I last updated this ol’ mangled creation of mine. =)

'Tis a delightfully hot (Considering that I’m comfily under refuge of my snug little bedroom with the fan blowing cool wind behind me instead of dehydrating and literally speaking, changing from solid to liquid state under the bloody sun outside… Hell, and it rained non-stop yesterday? Weathers nowadays… tsk tsk) Monday evening. Thanks to Siva, Krishna and whoever of those Hindu (or was it Buddha? Er…) gods and demi-gods who’ve made their loyal believers celebrate Thaipusam yesterday, and thus today became a national holiday, and thus, no need to work today. Yup. No need to sit on a crappy plastic folding seat in a dark moldy and devilishly hot koperasi sekolah nodding my head off and waiting time to tick away till rehat time so mobs of budak-budak will approach with shiny little shillings jingling in their little palms as they stare at me with their beady little eyes innocently while drowning me with requests just so to spend their parents’ hard-earned money on 10 cents Digimon erasers, 30 cents pencils, 70 cents Spiderman notebooks and other cheap stuff of cheap material and cheap quality, which they’ll indulge in, show off and obsess on (Gollum, particularly, comes to mind. God knows why I’m suddenly associating this little kiddos with that twisted pathetic excuse of a hobbit… Not that I’m an anti-kiddo. =p) and then when time passes, eventually lose it by some kind of means, so that they’d have an excuse to return, a lust for something new and shiny gleaming in their eyes (On second thought, Lust? In the eyes of kids? Perhaps I’ve got issues… ) ... Thus begins another new cycle of konsumerisme, where both parties change hands of their cold hard greenbacks (Or bluebacks. Redbacks too, maybe) in benefit of each other happily. Or on secod thought, make that one. Count me out. If anybody’d be happy working in said, “dark moldy and devilishly hot“ place, surrounded by towering piles of primary/secondary school textbooks, may he die peacefully, God bless him, as he works till his last days in a dark moldy and devilishly hot public library where he can then be entombed in a tomb of tomes, may he rest in peace. Not a practical way to die perhaps, nor is it romantic, nor has it such a grandeur or worth-mentioning-ness that decades later one might bring up the subject to the grandchildren huddled by the knees (“Y’know, der’ wuhz dis guy who died inna libraree…”), but hey, who knows, years of popularitylessness and then you’d make the headlines? Go consider it.

Uh. Wandered off topic. Ah well. Anyway bought Ayumi’s new album, Rainbow today… am listening to it but a Virgo perfectionist I am, I can’t decide whether to like it or not. Hmm. Back to track 14…

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