20 Jan '03

Posted by Jerry Mon, Jan 20 '03

Orcs, elves and Pandaren?

Last time, rumour was Warcraft’s gonna have an expansion. With Panda-rens (Y’know, black-white Panda-ish critters which ancestors of Oriental origins was probably been smuggled out of China into the icy lands of Lordaeron ages ago and later evolved into?) gonna become a new race. As all-knowing gaming guru extra-ordinaire, of course I knew it was just a hoax, and so quickly scolded the rumour-monger, poor misled fool he is, and dismissed the whole matter all together.

Now, out of nowhere rumour is there IS an expansion for Warcraft 3 (Considering it was easily 2002’s game of the year, and it as a commercial success, I ain’t suprised. I guess ditto for the millions of other fans out there). It is said that Computer Gaming World, the mag (duh), will be revealing all bout it in March’s issue. At the meantime, there’s zero info bout this bit of news anywhere online, except maybe in fan-infested public forums. However Blizzard has a beautiful splash image of icy mountains with the following caption:

The winds of the north whisper…
that a new King shall arise…

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