23 Jan '03

Posted by Jerry Thu, Jan 23 '03

Hah. Apparently Tagboard's down the time I’m writing this, God knows by what excuse. Good thing I’m using Flooble Chatterbox. i>smirk Free stuff can help fatten up that fat lil’ Gucci or Nike or whatever ciplak leather wallet of yours, but as [Insert Name Here]'s Law implies, free stuff are never, ever, ever, ever reliable, unless it’s your own stuff or of your own doing lah of course. Which is why I decide to use a PHP tagboard thingy that I downloaded off the Net ages ago… probably a rip-off of the commercial bigwig. Heh. =) Whaddaheck… It works ('ll work) anyway.

But still, to say is easier than to do it… For starters, I really oughta get drkangel.net revved up first… Hai~

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