26 Jan '03

Posted by Jerry Sun, Jan 26 '03

Hate TMnet! Well, in the afternoons anyway

Darn… Frequent tries to TMnet and TIMEnet AND Jaring (using a supposedly, as I would have more preferred to put it, “borrowed“ account, where the internet fees is footed by the government… No don’t ask me how I got it, or what the user name/password combo is i>grin ) at this time of the hour always ends up with super-slow speeds (Ever connected to Internet at a measly 1.8kbps before? I’d be damned… ). It’s the telephone line quality I’d reckon… At times like this, mid-noon, when everybody had just stuffed themselves with white rice and veggies and meat and soup and being bored as they’ve got nothing else better to do on their hands, picked up the phone and called the aunty next door, or that ah pek that sells newspapers in the neighbourhood, or your ol’ pal living just a couple of blocks away, or some distant relative in the remote regions of Pahang or whoever it is that they can go yakkety-yakkety-yakk-ing on for hours… At times like this if you could visualise the electric currents buzzing about in the phone lines it’d be a major traffic congestion problem that’d stretch from Perlis to Singapore end to end… At times like this due to low telephone line quality you could actually hear the noise and electrical distortion if you picked up the phone (No, really. Try it )... At times like this connecting to the internet itself would require skill and lots of luck…

At times like this, I miss my TMnet StreamyX. Sigh.

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