26 Jan '03

Posted by Jerry Sun, Jan 26 '03

'Tis the season to be sleepy… But I’m not

Darn. Am getting insomniac due to a teh tarik and roti canai too many at the mamak stall with SilvaKev an hour ago.

1300 hours. Here I am, in my dark bedroom, reeking with Dettol soap, with only my laptop as some form of company. Yet here I sit, staring blankly at the darn Ragnarok Online desktop wallpaper (Which reminds me, when was the last time I changed it? Hmmm… better go hunt for some fresh 'uns online. A StarCraft: Ghost would do), bored out of my wits. Quake III Arena’s getting repetetive when you’ve melted another mindless AI-controlled bot with your BFG (In case you didn’t know, it means “The Big F***ing Gun“) for the gazillionth time, all single player RPG maps on WarCraft 2’s been played (Which reminds me, again, that I really should go hunt for fresh 'uns online already), Age of Mythology refuses to run properly on my crappy laptop (8mb ATI Radeon! I should’ve known better and got one with a 16mb nVidia GeForce!! Damned!!) for at least ten minutes before freezing up and then going down crashing to my Windows XP desktop, there’s hardly a soul on ICQ and Kazaa’s choking on its 56kbps downloads… Sigh… Just another boring Saturday midnight.

Tomorrow morning’s been all charted out mentally in a perfect tidy little chart. Dim sum with parents in Taman Perling for breakfast, burn my 3 gigs of MP3 in CDRs in the afternoon, watch VCDs and more sleep in the evening, shopping at night, then sleep. Such a simple unsophisticated idle life that I lead… Paving the future for longevity huh. =)

Perhaps… perhaps… I should just turn the damned machine off and get some snooze time.

Yeah. Should do just that. Great.

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