30 Jan '03

Posted by Jerry Thu, Jan 30 '03

It’s 3am, I just got my work pay (rm670, inclusive of new year ang pow and additional bonus) some 10 hours ago… Aahh… don’t ye just luuurve a fat wallet, all plump, springy and stuffed full of 50 dollar greenbacks, wafting with the pungent reek of freshly-printed cash (I love the word. The “-sh“ part has a nice arrogant and ruthless ring to it) and well-used leather… Just the right stuff to get spirits soaring. The kinda stuff humans obsess over… =)

Meanwhile my phone just rebelliously decided to quit working anymore exactly right after the battery went “bleep-bleep-bleep” and went flat (Thus cutting me off mid-conversation with a pal, darn) in the evening. It refuses to be turned on despite having a confirmedly plugged-in-to-power-source adapter plugged-in, the power button repeatedly stabbed at with the right index finger which nails just manage to reach the seemingly senget and almost dislodged piece of rubber, not to mention deliberately rattled, knocked, dropped (from a height of approximately 10 cm from ground zero), clanked, jiggled, shaked, bonked, clunked, wobbled, tapped and [insert suitable actions] in several desperate attempts to revive the poor machine via the good ol’ “How To Fix That Damned TV“ method, in hope that in the proccess perhaps some IC or wire would actually by pure luck, wobble and fall back in wherever on the circuit board where it was supposed to be (if the whole matter was merely a matter of loose ICs or wires). Efforts proved to be futile, and in the end the piece of dysfunctional chunk of electronic scrap metal still remains as a piece of dysfunctional chunk of electronic scrap metal. Looks like sending it to a phone shop would be necessary… There goes my $$$... =(

Ah well. At least I do have less to worry about how to spend the handful of cash currently in my possession. Optimism at its best huh.

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