07 Jan '03

Posted by Jerry Tue, Jan 07 '03

Uh… let’s see ah, Top Five Qualities of Blogs Who Are Sure-Failures :

1. Shows no insight whatever of the blogger’s mind or life or serves no purpose whatsoever. (Uh-huh. Good one.) (Tick)
2. Seldom, rarely, or hardly ever updated, thus annoying regular visitors alike. (Yup-yup, it does has a familiar ring to it.) (Tick)
3. Takes at least 30 seconds to load, even on a goddamned ADSL line. (Aaahhh… Yes. Perfect match.) (Tick)
4. No interesting captivating content, no nice pix, no nice games, no nice stuff, no nice nuthin’. Null, nada, nil. 'Nuff said. (Tick)
5. Tasteless, meaningless, boring. (Mmm, reflects mine just fine. So another tick to it.) (Tick)

Perfect score huh. 5 outta 5. Ya can’t get any better than this. So my blog qualifies as a failure huh. How exciting. Yippee.

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