23 Mar '03

Posted by Jerry Sun, Mar 23 '03

Saturday, 3.30pm : Telekom guy in ridiculous outfit appears by the ring of the doorbell. Finally! It’s about time they installed ADSL! rubs hands in glee upon remembrance of such delicious memories
4.00pm : 5 minutes after the Telekom guy left, server went kaput with the infamous Blue Screen of Death as I stared in horror. Ah well. Nothing solves a PC down with the blues better than a good gentle little depress of the convenient little Reboot button. Here goes…
4.02pm: Somebody must be bloody joking me… Blue screen, again? Reboot ensues…
4.04pm: Windows haven’t even managed to kick in and the PC bloody hanged! Dangnamit… Anothe reboot…
4.06pm: i>swearing as PC hangs again
4.08pm: So on and so forth.
4.10pm: Phew. Finally. perhaps the darned thing has got bored in playing with me and decided to run properly for just one time. Well it’d better coz I’d swear I’d give it a well-aimed kick in its crotch if it doesn’t. Me worried that would spoil the hardware? Naw… It ain’t my PC anyway. i>grin
4.15pm: Surf surf surf… download download download… Woohoo…

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05 Mar '03

Posted by Jerry Wed, Mar 05 '03

Post holiday-Tuesday blues

6.45am: Darn handphone alarm rips apart dreams and jolts sleep-deprived yours truly up. Curse. In true college undergraduate tradition pressed the Snooze button twice (To turn the bloodied noisemachine off) and went back to sleep… Dreams continue…
7.15am: Woke up due to darn sunlight shining through darn thin curtains. Curse. Bath water smells of stinkin’ chlorine. Curse summore. Peanut butter and cheeese sandwhich ensues. Specially made a mug of hot java to bring me through on-coming 8 hours of unnerving lectures. Curse on thought of 8 hour classes.
8.00am: Arrive right on time. Lecturer apparently missing, so curse. Wait.
8.15am: Bloody guy still missing. Curse. Wait summore.
8.30am: Still waiting. Curse.
9.00am: Impatient. Checked out the department, staff says class cancelled without notice. Curse the lecturer. $%&@
9.15am: Home, trying to get sleep. Apparently caffeine is kicking in inducing hyper-active state of brain. Curse.
9.30am: Curse summore. Blog. Intending to get sleep later. Meanwhile, am installing Neverwinter Nights on laptop…

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02 Mar '03

Posted by Jerry Sun, Mar 02 '03

Gripe, gripe, gripe

My laptop’s RAM is less than desired (Note to self: Go to Low Yatt plaza on tuesday and rob some hapless notebook store of their 256mb RAM chips), my mouse left button is literally rebelling (note to self: Upon robbing RAM, loot an expensive USB optical mouse also), my ADSL-deprived life swears to fall apart if the TMnet StreamyX technician fails to appear at my apartment doorstep the very next day for the umpteenth time (note to self: Call Telekom and bug them for the umpteenth + 1 times), my 8210 is yet to be fixed, God knows what the hell is wrong with it that requires ay least 3 bloody weeks for its bloody problems to be reversed, my Spiderman mouse pad is getting all gritty, I’m running out of dinner ideas (Chicken soup, McD’s, cafe downstairs, period), my current foreseeable economic future is showing signs of a possible cash crisis, with rm70 textbooks + new rm200++ adsl modem + rent + possibly unrecoverable bad debts + various other stuff that’d threaten to empty my wallet (note to self: Bug parents to deposit summore resources to Maybank account), and Maths lectures are damned boring… Hell, can hardly resist the urge to stand up and yell at the lecturer, “OI! Teach sumthin’ HARDER will ya?!”

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