05 Mar '03

Posted by Jerry Wed, Mar 05 '03

Post holiday-Tuesday blues

6.45am: Darn handphone alarm rips apart dreams and jolts sleep-deprived yours truly up. Curse. In true college undergraduate tradition pressed the Snooze button twice (To turn the bloodied noisemachine off) and went back to sleep… Dreams continue…
7.15am: Woke up due to darn sunlight shining through darn thin curtains. Curse. Bath water smells of stinkin’ chlorine. Curse summore. Peanut butter and cheeese sandwhich ensues. Specially made a mug of hot java to bring me through on-coming 8 hours of unnerving lectures. Curse on thought of 8 hour classes.
8.00am: Arrive right on time. Lecturer apparently missing, so curse. Wait.
8.15am: Bloody guy still missing. Curse. Wait summore.
8.30am: Still waiting. Curse.
9.00am: Impatient. Checked out the department, staff says class cancelled without notice. Curse the lecturer. $%&@
9.15am: Home, trying to get sleep. Apparently caffeine is kicking in inducing hyper-active state of brain. Curse.
9.30am: Curse summore. Blog. Intending to get sleep later. Meanwhile, am installing Neverwinter Nights on laptop…

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