20 Apr '03

Posted by Jerry Sun, Apr 20 '03

Mental Blog Block

Now and then, in one of those classical light-bulb moments, I’d think, “Hell… When did I last blog?” And in a moment I’d be sitting on my fav spot staring blankly at a blank w.bloggar entry… and I’d think again, “Now… WTF was it that I wanted to write?” Some thoughts speeding past at 1000 thoughts per second (technically, 1 Mtps) and some carefully contemplated about… some random words quickly jotted down just for inspiration… some light massaging of increasingly stiff back… some nibbling of a crunchy little wheat biscuit… some random clicking around in the My Documents folder rummaging for recently acquired files that might be of note (My latest personal favourite being an obviously amatuerish video of a demonstration of the grammatical techniques in a chinese swear word… Geez.. The kind of stuff people do =D ) ... And all the effort mixed up, heated, stirred and poured out congeals into…

Nada. Null. Nothing. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

Rapid depression of Del follows and here we have again, a clean blank white slate. Process repeated if necessary. (At time of writing the thought murky mixture actually materialises into some half-baked and undoubtedly lame blog entry, which pretty much looks and smells and tastes like this block of text you are reading right now. But what the heck….)

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