29 Apr '03

Posted by Jerry Tue, Apr 29 '03

The Lonely Cook. Heh.

Dang. My housemates all have their own plans of dinner themselves tonight… Roommate #1 is cooking himself cornbeef and frieg egg plus braised kailan, roommate #2 is eating with his girlfriend aka housemate next door and is eating late, the others all have various plans of their own while my usual dinner partner is mysteriously missing for the past two days, probably studying at her friend’s house due to recent exams. Dang… meaning: I’m eating alone again today.

For one thing, if I eat Sup tulang flavour instant mee for one more night I’d puke.

Most probably don’t realise this is the very worst dining experience one could possibly have in their lifetime. Sitting in an empty half-lit living room with only the TV flashing tasteless (thus food taste-rendering) commercials as background sound, with nothing but two patethic rations (give or take one) of self-cooked insert-food-name-here, which is either one, overcooked, two, undercooked, three, tasteless, three, overtasting… And with no one else to share it. Nobody to argue with whose cooking skills ownz the others (Geek speak. Heh), nobody to argue with who shouldn’t have put so little/so much insert-spice-name-here, nobody to argue with who should be sitting at where at the dining table. Sigh. Peace of mind != fun, for sure. (Programmer speak this time, FYI, heh heh)

Meanwhile other thoughts raise to mind….

Chicken fillet + beanspouts + sliced carrot, with canned beef curry?
Or potatos + carrot + onions + chicken soup?
Or Campbells + sliced cucumber + white bread? Hmm…

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