30 Apr '03

Posted by Jerry Wed, Apr 30 '03

Laziness rulez! (whatever)

Everywhere I looked people have changed, things have moved, blogs are redesigned, et cetera et cetera. And let’s not go anywhere near my blog. The biru-ness is giving me a fuhgin’ headache everytime I pop-in to check… XP

But hell, whenever The Virgo perfectionist alter-ego starts grumbling and mumbling and bitching The Programmer alter-ego kicks in into action. (People don’t call me complex for nothing, heh) When it’s Your desk’s bloody cluttered! Clean up the bloody mess for God’s sake! or How bloody long are you going to wash that bloody pile of clothes? (The Programmer: Blah blah blah) or whatever there’s always a Lazy lah or Yeah yeah…. next time. When I remember. And The Programmer always wins. And so the huge pile of CDs and used papers and shopping receipts and plastic bags and pens and that little hyginene mask my parents got me (You know… amidst all the little virus outbreak hype) and previous issues of PC Gamer and whatnot secured their cozy little sunbathing place on the desk for another week. And another week. And another. And so on and so forth.

No wonder people say Laziness is the Top Virtue of programmers. Geez.

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