04 Apr '03

Posted by Jerry Fri, Apr 04 '03

Headache. Sick. Bored. Ugh.

Ugh. There goes my Demon Hunter again. For the 6th time too. Dagnamnit. My Warcraft III skills are getting all rusty already after all this time. When was the last time my night-elves “pwned” somebody’s “azz”? And when the heck was the last time I played a decent PvP game again? (ponders…)

(disgusted) To hell with the game, “Exit Game” ensues.

'Twas a boring Friday afternoon, with nothing (important/significant/high-required/you get the idea) on my kazaa lite download list, except a coupla chinese mp3s that my roommates wanted on it. For some particular reason I don’t have (read: never had) a particular liking for chinese songs, call me “Westernised” or whatever, but I just can’t stand them tunes (Its something about the treble… my ears hurt when I listen to them). In my near 3 gig hoard of songs only some 20 – 30 of 'em are chinese, and their existence are merely due to my roommates’ popular requests of converting my compaq 1721 into a full-blown jukebox, minus the coin slot and odd neon lights. Hell, perhaps I’d follow the masses and charge them the normal jukebox rat eof 1 buck per song. Hmph. Meanwhile… am racking brains to think of a good movie I haven’t watched before which is currently on DVD just so to entertain my entertainment-deprived life. Sigh.

I’m having a minor headache throbbing in the small back of my head… Not the minor kind of minor, nor major kind of mojor-minor (Am I making sense? *rubs forehead), but rather minor < x < major, where its enough to make me feel like banging my head against the wall some 4 inches from my left right now... Argh. Which reminds me I haven't had my mid-noon medicine for cough and flu, one a tiny white tablet and another a somewhat sweet-tasting brown concoction. Getting better now, no thanks to the doctor in UpTown who I visited some 1am the night before, who diagnosed a major throat inflammation (So I DIDN'T have SARS! Good.) and double-charged me (robbed!!) 50 bucks for a patethic little packet of expensive imported pills. Damn.

“Whee! Look at the tiny pink geography teachers!” – Discworld Mud

Am not making sense today. But hell with it.

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