04 Apr '03

Posted by Jerry Fri, Apr 04 '03

Mentally-challanged writer am I?

When I feel like writing, as my left middle and right index finger (Fyi: I’m a 50-word/min 2 middle-finger typist, that somewhat evolved gradually from early-age hunt-pecking. Never learnt to employ all 10 fingers before. A waste of human resources, one must say) hover somewhat over the keyboard, thoughts of what to write and what to end and what to elaborate on and what to mention flow past… sluggishly perhaps, like what the pieces of twigs and dumped plastic bags and an odd oil slick bubble floating along in a drain would seem to an onlooker (god knows how bored the guy might be that’d make him actually examine the contents of a waste-disposal regulator), disorganized too, like a flow-chart consisting of dozens of thought bubbles and a thousand arrors pointing from bubble to bubble in a disorientating network (Suddenly… a ball of wool comes to mind. Hmm… ), and yes, not to mention, headache-causing. i>rubs forehead

i>check writing Geez. Sometimes I tend to random-write, just go a-typing with whatever that pops (I like to think of it with actual 'pop’ sound effects. Engaging stuff. =D ) to mind (Another image appears: previously-mentioned bored monsoon-drain-inspector guy with notebook, jotting furiously what he sees bobbing in the polluted waters below, or, what he remembered to write the last time he had a quick peek at the waters below)... I tend to wander off-subject while blogging, hardly making sense in my unorganized textual thought-flow process. What’s the word again? “Incoherence”... Yes. Picked up from previous year psychology assignment on mental disorders. Once I seriously wondered if I had personality disorders… only to realize that I’m perfectly normal. But now… does this apply to the current case, meaning = I’m mentally disordered? Perhaps somebody that could head-shrink could explain this matter. After all my college ain’t the only one around KL offering Psychology courses for nothing. =)

Now. i>Ahem Back to the subject. What did I originally intended to write just now anyway?

...... ...... (repeat x 1 minute)

Ah yes. Firstly to old readers of my blog, the drkangel.net project ain’t got shoved into some mental cupboard in the remote regions of my brain, I never forgot bout it, just that I still can’t afford to get myself both a domain and webhosting yet. Donations anybody? Secondly, to people who came looking for a daily updated blog, this ain’t it. Yet. Have yet to develop good habit of booting up w.bloggar that the it disapeared from my Most Used Programs list something like ages ago… But still, don’t forget to keep coming back every fortnight. Visitors will be welcomed with a nice hot cuppa o’ java and perhaps a biscuit. Wholemeal one too. ;)

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