07 Apr '03

Posted by Jerry Mon, Apr 07 '03

Most Boring Subject, Ever

Armed to the teeth with a metal tin of Jacob’s wheat crackers and a warm mug of bland-tasting Cafe21 (instant coffee is just way below par to the kind of brewed stuff you get in kopitiams and mamaks country-wide… Ugh) instant white coffee, with a nicely-prepped pillow against my back and almost-perfect temperature (Not hot, just cold enough… just fine enough for cold-blooded mammals like me) and the laptop very unconveniently occupied by Jing Jing by rather unconventional methods (Blast. And I originally planned to spend the afternoon skewering virtual men on WarCraft III’s Battlenet (more often than not I have to add a “vice versa” to that) thus being left with almost no other choice of possible time-wasting entertainment activities, I’ve decided to i>gasp study. For the first time since school opens in fact. Well, not that I’m a lazy numb-skulled anti-study slacker, but its just that I tend to have a rather bad and unreversable habit of conserving midnight Cap Pisau oil and burning it by the litres only when the pretty much-dreaded college term exams nears.

And so, armed to the teeth, as I said, out comes the huge white hardback textbook for Computer Systems Engineering (Most Bloodied Boring Subject, Ever.), titled “Structured Computer Organization” or something like that. Following events recorded as follows:

licks dry lips, rolls eyes at corny book cover illustrations, turns to page 1, eyes dart around 1st paragraph, scratch head, rereads 1st paragraph, sighs, skips 1st page, reads through whole page, goes “Huh?”, rereads whole page, thinks a bit, takes deep breath, reads through entire chapter, goes “WTF????”, rolls eyes, closes book, chucks book into lowest drawer, sleeps through the afternoon.

I rest my case.

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