07 Apr '03

Posted by Jerry Mon, Apr 07 '03

Most Boring Subject, Ever

Armed to the teeth with a metal tin of Jacob’s wheat crackers and a warm mug of bland-tasting Cafe21 (instant coffee is just way below par to the kind of brewed stuff you get in kopitiams and mamaks country-wide… Ugh) instant white coffee, with a nicely-prepped pillow against my back and almost-perfect temperature (Not hot, just cold enough… just fine enough for cold-blooded mammals like me) and the laptop very unconveniently occupied by Jing Jing by rather unconventional methods (Blast. And I originally planned to spend the afternoon skewering virtual men on WarCraft III’s Battlenet (more often than not I have to add a “vice versa” to that) thus being left with almost no other choice of possible time-wasting entertainment activities, I’ve decided to i>gasp study. For the first time since school opens in fact. Well, not that I’m a lazy numb-skulled anti-study slacker, but its just that I tend to have a rather bad and unreversable habit of conserving midnight Cap Pisau oil and burning it by the litres only when the pretty much-dreaded college term exams nears.

And so, armed to the teeth, as I said, out comes the huge white hardback textbook for Computer Systems Engineering (Most Bloodied Boring Subject, Ever.), titled “Structured Computer Organization” or something like that. Following events recorded as follows:

licks dry lips, rolls eyes at corny book cover illustrations, turns to page 1, eyes dart around 1st paragraph, scratch head, rereads 1st paragraph, sighs, skips 1st page, reads through whole page, goes “Huh?”, rereads whole page, thinks a bit, takes deep breath, reads through entire chapter, goes “WTF????”, rolls eyes, closes book, chucks book into lowest drawer, sleeps through the afternoon.

I rest my case.

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06 Apr '03

Posted by Jerry Sun, Apr 06 '03

And you call that dull?

It’s interesting, yet self-comforting in a twisted kind of way, to realise that your blog is definitely, surely, 1001%, by no doubt, waaaaaay more interesting than this blog. The traffic capacity that such a blog can attract is another matter though… People don’t get around 100 comments every single day when they dont have a certain attractiveness to it you know, although it’s just a dull block of text describing one of the most insignificant part of an everyday’s life. A complex thing, the mind is… its hard to believe how people could spend time chatting about a pile of laundry. =p

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04 Apr '03

Posted by Jerry Fri, Apr 04 '03

Mentally-challanged writer am I?

When I feel like writing, as my left middle and right index finger (Fyi: I’m a 50-word/min 2 middle-finger typist, that somewhat evolved gradually from early-age hunt-pecking. Never learnt to employ all 10 fingers before. A waste of human resources, one must say) hover somewhat over the keyboard, thoughts of what to write and what to end and what to elaborate on and what to mention flow past… sluggishly perhaps, like what the pieces of twigs and dumped plastic bags and an odd oil slick bubble floating along in a drain would seem to an onlooker (god knows how bored the guy might be that’d make him actually examine the contents of a waste-disposal regulator), disorganized too, like a flow-chart consisting of dozens of thought bubbles and a thousand arrors pointing from bubble to bubble in a disorientating network (Suddenly… a ball of wool comes to mind. Hmm… ), and yes, not to mention, headache-causing. i>rubs forehead

i>check writing Geez. Sometimes I tend to random-write, just go a-typing with whatever that pops (I like to think of it with actual 'pop’ sound effects. Engaging stuff. =D ) to mind (Another image appears: previously-mentioned bored monsoon-drain-inspector guy with notebook, jotting furiously what he sees bobbing in the polluted waters below, or, what he remembered to write the last time he had a quick peek at the waters below)... I tend to wander off-subject while blogging, hardly making sense in my unorganized textual thought-flow process. What’s the word again? “Incoherence”... Yes. Picked up from previous year psychology assignment on mental disorders. Once I seriously wondered if I had personality disorders… only to realize that I’m perfectly normal. But now… does this apply to the current case, meaning = I’m mentally disordered? Perhaps somebody that could head-shrink could explain this matter. After all my college ain’t the only one around KL offering Psychology courses for nothing. =)

Now. i>Ahem Back to the subject. What did I originally intended to write just now anyway?

...... ...... (repeat x 1 minute)

Ah yes. Firstly to old readers of my blog, the drkangel.net project ain’t got shoved into some mental cupboard in the remote regions of my brain, I never forgot bout it, just that I still can’t afford to get myself both a domain and webhosting yet. Donations anybody? Secondly, to people who came looking for a daily updated blog, this ain’t it. Yet. Have yet to develop good habit of booting up w.bloggar that the it disapeared from my Most Used Programs list something like ages ago… But still, don’t forget to keep coming back every fortnight. Visitors will be welcomed with a nice hot cuppa o’ java and perhaps a biscuit. Wholemeal one too. ;)

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04 Apr '03

Posted by Jerry Fri, Apr 04 '03

Headache. Sick. Bored. Ugh.

Ugh. There goes my Demon Hunter again. For the 6th time too. Dagnamnit. My Warcraft III skills are getting all rusty already after all this time. When was the last time my night-elves “pwned” somebody’s “azz”? And when the heck was the last time I played a decent PvP game again? (ponders…)

(disgusted) To hell with the game, “Exit Game” ensues.

'Twas a boring Friday afternoon, with nothing (important/significant/high-required/you get the idea) on my kazaa lite download list, except a coupla chinese mp3s that my roommates wanted on it. For some particular reason I don’t have (read: never had) a particular liking for chinese songs, call me “Westernised” or whatever, but I just can’t stand them tunes (Its something about the treble… my ears hurt when I listen to them). In my near 3 gig hoard of songs only some 20 – 30 of 'em are chinese, and their existence are merely due to my roommates’ popular requests of converting my compaq 1721 into a full-blown jukebox, minus the coin slot and odd neon lights. Hell, perhaps I’d follow the masses and charge them the normal jukebox rat eof 1 buck per song. Hmph. Meanwhile… am racking brains to think of a good movie I haven’t watched before which is currently on DVD just so to entertain my entertainment-deprived life. Sigh.

I’m having a minor headache throbbing in the small back of my head… Not the minor kind of minor, nor major kind of mojor-minor (Am I making sense? *rubs forehead), but rather minor < x < major, where its enough to make me feel like banging my head against the wall some 4 inches from my left right now... Argh. Which reminds me I haven't had my mid-noon medicine for cough and flu, one a tiny white tablet and another a somewhat sweet-tasting brown concoction. Getting better now, no thanks to the doctor in UpTown who I visited some 1am the night before, who diagnosed a major throat inflammation (So I DIDN'T have SARS! Good.) and double-charged me (robbed!!) 50 bucks for a patethic little packet of expensive imported pills. Damn.

“Whee! Look at the tiny pink geography teachers!” – Discworld Mud

Am not making sense today. But hell with it.

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