Posted by Jerry Sat, May 31 '03

Which OS are You?
Which OS are You?

now. if i knew what the heck is this OS’s about… seriously, i thought i’ve heard it all but then here’s a smiley face cigarette-puffing dudette which name i’ve never thought existed and thats supposed to be extremely far more intelligent among peers (well okay. thats one resemblance i>grin), though i don’t see any form of said brightmindedness behind that sunny grin. neways, i don’t care… now me mind is clogged full of processor microarchitecture, memory registers, data buses, boolean, bits and bytes and various other crap from comp systems engineering…

after all this slugging if i don’t get a fuhgin High Distinction in the exams am gonna cough blood and then i’ll burn the damned textbook, mix the ashes in water (with lemon tea extract for the extra zesty oomph) and pour it down me throat, like the way Taoist believers drink water with ashes of magical talismans in them. serious.

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In 1's and 0's I trust

Posted by Jerry Fri, May 30 '03

Anyway. Hmm. Weird (say, i didn’t know the correct spelling of this word till a few days ago. flaws in me english!! Horrors!! Neways thanks chooki =D )... my blog won’t load properly. Instead it shows nothing but the title, a <, and then nada. Must be some bug bugging the templates... Probably got it messed at a daring attempt to export the BlogSpot archives via ftp so I can import them into b2, which failed miserably anyway. Why must every other blogging software installation that i’ve tried will either be clogged full of coded critters, refuse to work despite superb on-site user testimonials, is a miserable hack of its peers, is incomplete and has “BETA” in big red bold letters (metaphor speaking of course. I doubt there’d be anybody that’s so graphically-neglected and distasteful), or just plainly suck? Now am seriously converting to the tried-and-true Movable Type, but the daring little challenge sucker in me is nagging for another one with a virtually vertical learning curve… Well-hacked Post-Nuke anybody?

But I digress. Now back to the topic… If you can read this, said “text-won’t show” problem is gone (doh), fixed (doh), or got bored playing stupid little tricks on visitors a long time ago and has finally let the real blog page, ungagged and unbonded, from the closet.

Meanwhile ogle at Chooki’s new Matrix-y layout here!

And… here’s a new Matrix persona quiz, and hey, I am still Morpheus. Things that won’t change huh. =D

You are Morpheus

“You have strong faith in yourself and those around you.
A true leader, you are relentless in your persuit.”

What Matrix Persona Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Okay. Enough ranting for the day. Now back to reading PDF comp sys engineering slides before I get carried off and fail my exam on thursday miserably.

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Wheee~ watch those printer rollers go

Posted by Jerry Fri, May 30 '03

710 lines and 20 sheets of font-size 10 Courier New hot-piping Java code emblazoned on gleaming white A4 paper fresh from the printer… All binded up and ready to be submitted in 7 hours. From hours killed sitting numbly in front of a computer screen accompanied by flurries of finger-typing and electronic-rodent clicking, to eventually developing a minor-case of carpal tunnel syndrome on the trigger hand, (me half-side of the palm’s been somewhat pain + numb for half a day now) now it’s payback time.

Ahhh… the satisfaction one can get from programming. 'Tis worse than crack. =D

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25 May '03

Posted by Jerry Sun, May 25 '03

Dang. Kavix will kill me if she realises that I have yet to finish the Wi-Fi assignment summary that I promised to submit to her on Friday night a loooong looong time ago. Halfway through going through all the 802.xx and stuff, and summore to go…

Must… resist… urge…. to bootup Ragnarok… Online… >_<

And geez, what the hell am I still wasting time staring at w.bloogar? Move it, move it….

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Looky, no ads!

Posted by Jerry Fri, May 23 '03

Hey, actually got rid of that Dot TK popup that used to plague website access through Credits to the DistantHost guys again! Next time am gonna become an affiliate and start promoting webhosting propaganda to earn a free domain name or extra webspace or something. When they introduce those plans first that is. =D

Meanwhile, Engineering class at 8am, Maths at 10am, Malaysian studies at 12, and Moral at dunno-what time in the evening, which ends at 6pm. All adds up to a mind-numbing 10 hours of class with half an hour break sometime during noon, which I’ll then catch some lunch (Methinks KFC’s rm3.99 chicken burrito thingy, looks delicious) and attend class with the cranal CPU powered-off in “snooze” mode. I hate the new Friday schedules. >=(

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