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Posted by Jerry Sat, May 10 '03

Now after a few tweaks, a page-full of bugs, (a stupid php error about tags. but let’s not get my blood boiling on a pleasant saturday evening) a day-long wait for somebody to come up with a fix at the forums (Owner is suspiciously SE-Asian…. Hmm…), and a few edits later, it’s finaallllyyy up!

I annouce to ye, (drumrolls please) The New Blog! Well, and The New Blog No. 2! “Two? WTF?”, you ask? Well, I haven’t decided which one to use yet, though the better conscience of me has a greater favor for b2, which just has a nice clean interface for the lightweight blogger like me. I’ve just got it fixed and up running an hour ago, so the white and orange-ish templates are the default unchanged one that came with the installer package, and so’s the whole damn thing’s layout and stuff. Am gonna tweak it over these few days… Oh and by the way my free host doesn’t come without flaws. It has to be turned offline by Alaskan time (-8GMT) midnight or something like that everyday for 20 minutes or so, which I think is equivalent to the Malaysian 4pm evening time. Do note.

Psst… see the “Register“ on the right-hand side of the page? That’s right. You can sign-up and become one of the blogging team! Well, if you’re interested in throwing in posts there anyway. =p Just no sensitive/ stupid/ provoking posts please.

And by the way, am using wbloggar version 3.01! These guys are just doing a great job of keeping good software updated everytime. Fellow bloggars do have it lookie here.

P.S: This is a public broadcast. I’ve got 100mb, 4GB bandwidth and a whole arsenal of stuff offered to me by my webhost, and I can host 3 subdomains. Deduct one (read previous post), leaves two more to go. If anybody’s interested to get hosted and doesn’t mind a 30 minute downtime per day plus a less-than-desirable host plus an incredibly undesirable subdomain name (, yes. 4 words.), do leave a message. Thank you. End of broadcast.

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