I am... Xavier Junior II

Posted by Jerry Tue, May 13 '03

There was this question in one of those Emode.com “How psychic are you?” personality tests: How many times in a lifetime have you been thinking of a certain friend, missing him/her, and then within a short while got a phone call or sms message or something similiar from him/her? Or how many times have you thought of a particular person for no reason at all, and then see the person beaming at you a few metres away just moments later? And twice in the same day? Or how about that time when midway through conversation your friend’s thoughts will just make a brief 'pop’ at the forefront of your mind, and at the same time having him/her expressing the same thing simultaneously? Have you?

My answer? So many times I can’t even keep in count. Things like this happen to me now and then, suprising but mostly pleasant, may it be a short friendship SMS from an old friend that used to work with me some time ago, or the girl that lives next door, or your parents or whoever pal I might be chatting to.

So that makes me psychic? Perhaps I should sign up with Professor Xavier’s School for The Gifted. Or whatever that school in the X-men movie was called. Then I can unleash my mental energy to dominate this patethic chunk of a planet & rulez over all humanz wif absolute l33tn3ss! W00t!


Or maybe I should stop watching so many movies already. =p

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