Sars anyone?

Posted by Jerry Sat, May 17 '03

Phew. Back from so-called SARS-plagued hometown (FYI, Johor Bahru that is. And for whoever that still don’t know where’s JB even after 10++ years Malaysian education , fxxx you), thermometer reading indicates that at less that 38 degrees body temperature so I’ll still be alive for the next few decades. Just great. I just remembered my CSE lecturer ranting excitedly to the front-row guys last Wednesday,”You know, they just lowered the standards already! It’s now 38!“... God knows whats the big deal in it. Condemn my ignorance, but I’m a reckless 19 with countless years ahead, I’ve got visions for me hugging my great-grandsons by the next century, and I believe in luck so much that I believe I’m lucky enough to not get things like these so I give less than a piece of human faecess for just a little bug hype.

Meanwhile MediaCorp TCS8 in the Lion City is doing a full-blown half-an-hour news report on the “Not-Just-Another-Flu“ bug (as they call it), local malays are rolling their eyeballs saying, “See? Told ya not to eat so much pork.“ (I heard there was some email propagating through them Jabatan Kimia people, noting lots of “toxins” and chemical crap in the meat) while chinese just go what the hell and shrug it all off.

Yeah. So like all the other chinese, what the hell. i>shruggo

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