Friday night blogging

Posted by Jerry Sat, May 17 '03

'Tis another weekend night. Tomorrow I’ve got some kinda workshop that somehow I got myself involved in through intervention of dear Ms Ng. “Web Objects in Java For The Apple” or something like that, 9am till 1pm. Another wasted Saturday morning’s sleep. Sigh. Weekends should be started by gaming starting from a peaceful Friday’s night, sleeping at 4am in the morning and waking up at 2pm when its all sunny and bright with a nice heartening lunch awaiting… That’s the way it should be for currently-single undergraduate males! Clubbing? Naw. Me too shy to go overdosing myself with alcohol in the bloodstream and prancing all over the place like a mad peacock, hah.

Or maybe I’m just plainly an abnormal currently-single undergraduate male. Whatever.

Anyway, only at times like this do I feel like booting up little wbloggar and jot off a post or two. And times like this don’t pop up very often except during idylic weekend nights. Which, explains my “irregularity“ (well, actually it ain’t irregular, it does have a pattern. “Weekendly“, remember? If that words exists anyway, heh) in my blog posting. Sometime I oughta specify my blog “Updated weekly” or to be more specific, updated every weekend, so that I won’t disapoint visitors that pop by now and then to check whethered I’d blogged.

And by the way I’ll try and allocate time to code my new blog so I can move in, and yeah, anybody using Tagboard? Just receivied an email saying they’ll be offering Tagboard Enhanced for free, for a catch! Gonna check out about the catch tomorrow after the class, if its worth it. Of maybe I’ll just tweak a PHP version that I have and use it. It’s free anyway, hehe.

P.S : Do reset your urls to if you want to be automatically rerouted to my new blog when its done. If you don’t mind the stupid little Dot TK popup that is. Thank you for your cooperation.

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