Spammers, haunted houses and various crap

Posted by Jerry Sun, May 18 '03

I wonder if anybody noticed that I’ve left out the old links to those “who am i“, “faq“ and other of those old crap that I used to link to… hehe. Anyway after consulting medula oblongata for approximately 0.58 seconds I’ve decided to add them back in, but of course not without a complete revamp to the new white layout. Meanwhile, version 3.00b still sticks until I get any of those surges of positive energy called enthusiasm running in the back of my head again, and occurences like that are pretty rare so… (Yeah i know its a lame excuse for a, well, excuse) Anyway, bloodied b2 refused to cooperate again! Now more php errors to solve… and I’ve seen people who haven’t experienced neither an itch throughout the installation. Crap.

A quick check mail on Mailwasher reveals 22 emails awaiting download on my TimeNet account, where 18 are from… Fuhg not those imbeciles again. >_< Been unknowingly signed up for some Pakistani Yahoo Group since December something and mass spammed with crappish poems and Islamic urdu stuff and lame Muslim jokes for months now. And seeing your whole 90% of mailbox crammed with these over a day is just one thing that won't make people happy. And what unhappy people do is unsubscribe. Yeah, should do just that. 'Tis a wonder why I didn't think of unsubscribing earlier... Hah.

Meanwhile housemate reports hearing mysterious soft knocking on the apartment’s kitchen backdoor at 1.30am. For the 3rd time. Spooky! 0_o”

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