And then, not distant anymore

Posted by Jerry Mon, May 19 '03 writes:

“On Saturday evening approximately 23:40 hours Alaskan Time (GMT -8:00) The server began to act very strange and began responding very sluggishly. Upon further inspection it was noted that there was a single website which was taking up approximately 70% of the servers one gig of ram as well as 60% of the central processing unit. This process kept being terminated so that the server would respond a bit evenly, yet it persisted, The server Administrator at the time of the incident took it upon themselves to try and gracefully restart the server. The server then kept dropping from shell, therefore at approximately 12:15 am Sunday morning the System administrator sent in a ticket in regards to this issue to the datacenter asking for a complete system reboot with visual confirmation of full operational standing. The result of this request was astonishing not only to the server administrator but to the owners and a several of the support personages. Whereas it was thought only to be faulty memory in fact was almost a total system corruption, memory was glitched, the hdd was failing and corrupt, however the data center placed the original 120 gig hdd as a slave and the system administrator and Roseanna and Stan went in and tried to recover as much information as possible, though in their efforts they were able to retain the personal mysql’s and some of the clients directories unfortunately before they could finish the downloads the system became unstable to the point the download failed. Components were switched the operating system was reinstalled a third time and cpanel and whm were re-installed as well. To be quite honest we are proud on how fast the server and its new system were brought back online if we had only had about 30 minutes more the entire backup should have been able to have been completed. Therefore Distanthost in it’s beliefs and mission of staying the best will in all events utilize the second hdd it purchased for the server as a system backup and look into the purchase of another hdd for more clients on this server. We thank our clients for their belief in the system and their support during these times. “

Thank god. You go guys! =D

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