02 May '03

Posted by Jerry Fri, May 02 '03

Almost there…

I remember sort of half-waking up today several times today in morning, crabby and annoyed, as I would normally be every other morning, peering with much hostility at the bright morning sunlight shining through the curtains, and turning my head in a way that’d use least effort and least energy possible to check the time on an alarm clock, which recently for some kind of mysterious reasons have vanished from where it used to be, then remembering that my Nokia alarm hasn’t gone off. (There was supposed to be a Maths class at 10am, and slept late I did last night, I specially added an extra alarm schedule in my Nokia calendar, with a huge bold WAKE title set to jolt me from my slumber at 9am) And thus, some more shut eye… and then half an hour later I’d be awake again, repeating the same peer-at-curtains-then-check-clock routine, then again, remembering the alarm did not go off, then lie down again. And again and again for n times where n is an unknown number which cannot be recalled because my mind was still hibernating yet. Then for one final time, It set me thinking, “What the hell is the time anyway?” And so I turned on my nokia and right on the top right corner of the LCD screen, brightly lit by my 12 ice-blue LEDS, and there it was…


Fuhg the phone! And I was supposed to get my Maths exam results today! A few more missed classes and I’d be damned for the bloody examination barring list dagnamit… >_<

Anyways, I present to you version 3.00b!! (where b means beta... I’ve seemed to caught up on the programming bug, heh) Like the new interface? Took me half a day to cut out all the junk code that used to litter my previous templates and made the whole thing simpler. Finally implemented external .css files… which really did help to reduce the page size and seem to cut down on loading time, although not too significantly… I’ve added a “Loading Page” splash page javascript but somehow it doesn’t work. My original script error blocking code does work though… DHTML experts anybody??? And now what I need is a nice banner graphic and some tweaks to the main body like blog body colours and border styles that’ll go with the pic. I don’t have any idea on what to use yet… Any suggestions? Or perhaps donations and contributions from your favourite image gallery anyone? Much help is appreciated 'ere. ^ ^”

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