Looky, no ads!

Posted by Jerry Fri, May 23 '03

Hey, actually got rid of that Dot TK popup that used to plague website access through www.buggered.tk... Credits to the DistantHost guys again! Next time am gonna become an affiliate and start promoting webhosting propaganda to earn a free domain name or extra webspace or something. When they introduce those plans first that is. =D

Meanwhile, Engineering class at 8am, Maths at 10am, Malaysian studies at 12, and Moral at dunno-what time in the evening, which ends at 6pm. All adds up to a mind-numbing 10 hours of class with half an hour break sometime during noon, which I’ll then catch some lunch (Methinks KFC’s rm3.99 chicken burrito thingy, looks delicious) and attend class with the cranal CPU powered-off in “snooze” mode. I hate the new Friday schedules. >=(

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